Who is UBU?
UBU is the Danish abbreviation for Ulandsforeningen for Bæredygtig Udvikling or in English Danish Association for Sustainable Development.

UBU is a voluntary, technically founded NGO working within the field of water supply and environmental science. UBU was founded in 1998.

UBU helps civil societies in developing countries to improve living conditions for poor people through promotion of technologies that are socially, culturally, environmentally and economically sustainable.

UBU’s primary working method has traditionally been focused on capacity development and technical support of the local organisations, but it is moving strongly towards development of advocacy strategies to secure support from local government institutions.

Currently UBU works in India and Tanzania.

UBU’s Vision
A world where no one dies from water related catastrophes or diseases

UBU’s Mission
UBU will create resilience and capacity for people in developing countries by:

  • Capacity build partners and target groups through advocacy and awareness
  • Establishing sustainable service within water and sanitation
  • Capacity build members to work with development projects

Read more in UBU’s statutes (Danish)
Read UBU’s privacy policy (Danish)