Organisation of UBU

UBU’s highest authority is the General Assembly, which gathers once a year in May to discuss general issues and elect the UBU Board.

The UBU Board is in charge of the daily planning and management of e.g. member administration, accounts, public relations, member support and has delegated responsibilities to a number of committees.

UBU Board 2019-2020:
Henrik Bregnhøj, Benedikte Krogsgaard, Kristine Duelund Vilsgaard, Emil Risum Brøgger, Marie Mustelin, Vinia Hatzidaki and Carlos Arregui.
Lise Celine Høgstedt, Ida Lunde Hygum and Amalia Giannakopoulou are substitutes.

UBU’s members are mainly engineers, anthropologists, global health specialists and students. Additionally professions such as medical doctors, geographers, geologists are represented. Several members have a number of years of working experience from developing countries.

UBU is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and is a member of CISU – Civil Society in Development, an independent association of Danish Civil Society Organisations.