UBU in Tanzania

UBU has worked in Tanzania since 2006. Projects are located in the Arusha/Kilimanjaro Region in the north of Tanzania. UBU collaborate with the local civil society organization, CBHCC, to develop and implement projects in this area.

So far UBU and CBHCC have conducted two development projects which have included the involvement of several local organizations, leaders and people.

Our projects are focused on the topics of sanitation, sustainable water supply and hygiene improvements with the objective of improving the health of the local population that relates to these topics. Furthermore, we focus on generating local markets for sanitation by teaching local artisans to construct affordable latrines out of locally available materials.

Current projects:

Currently UBU and CBHCC are working on establishing a new WASH-project in 8 rural and peri-urban areas of the region. The objective is to improve WASH-related health for the population through increased awareness and advocacy about using improved sanitation, water and sanitation-related hygiene, as well as menstrual hygiene management. The objective is also to establish local markets for latrines to facilitate easy access to cheap latrines for the local populations.

UBU and CBHCC have conducted a Joint Finalization, funded by CISU, in August 2015. 3 UBU members visited CBHCC in Arusha to conduct a baseline survey, interviews, meetings with stakeholders, and to finalize all project details. The project proposal was submitted to CISU in December 2015 and is currently awaiting the final decision about funding. If it is successfully funded, the project will have 1 million DKK and the project will run from April 2016 to April 2018.