Sunderbans were hit by cyclone BulBul

On the 9th of November the cyclone «BulBul» hit Sunderbans. The damages were devastating to the villagers in our project areas. It is estimated that 60.000 houses and 460.000 people in total in West Bengal have been affected. JGVK has assessed that in their village, Jyotishpur, 75 % of crops and 65 % of fruit and timber trees were damaged. They noticed … More Sunderbans were hit by cyclone BulBul

Elected board 2019/2020

At UBU’s yearly general assembly the following board members was elected for the period 2019/2020: Emil, Benedikte, Marie, Kristine V, Carlos, Henrik and Vinia. Substitutes are Ida, Lise and Amalia. The board constituted on a meeting June 20. Emil Risum Brøgger was elected as chairman, Carlos Arregui as vice chairman and Henrik Bregnhøj as treasurer.