Sunderbans were hit by cyclone BulBul

On the 9th of November the cyclone «BulBul» hit Sunderbans. The damages were devastating to the villagers in our project areas.

It is estimated that 60.000 houses and 460.000 people in total in West Bengal have been affected. JGVK has assessed that in their village, Jyotishpur, 75 % of crops and 65 % of fruit and timber trees were damaged. They noticed polluted ponds, a lot of mud houses were destroyed, animals were lost as well as utensils and cloths. 

JGVK is collecting money for support of the villagers with losses. IGF Danmark is organising a fund-raising here in Denmark, and is sending the funds directly to JGVK. If you would like to make a donation before winter sets in, please follow this link.

UBU has donated 20.000 kr. in relief of those affected.