Sustainable WASH in hotels and surrounding villages in Zanzibar

UBU is preparing to start a new project in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The project objective is to ensure sustainable water supply, sanitation and hygiene behaviour at hotels and their surrounding villages in Zanzibar.

Even though international tourists in most Zanzibarian hotels can use all the water they want at a service level like at home, in the neighboring villages, people often struggle with very limited water supply, and women are waiting in long lines in front of a few shared taps or wells. Together with poor sanitation and poor hygiene behaviour it is the main reason for poor health in terms of water related diseases for the local population.

UBU Tanzania is encouraging everyone interested to join the project group. We are still in the development phase of the project and welcome ideas for the scope and application. Next meeting will be at the end of August – please email tanzania@ubu.dk for the exact date.