General Assembly 2017

This year’s general assembly will be held on Saturday the 20th of May from 15.00 to 18.00, at The University of Copenhagen’s campus ‘Det Gamle Kommunehospital’.

The agenda:

  1. Election of moderator
  2. Election of reporter
  3. Approval of new members
  4. The Board’s report and approval of same
  5. Approval of audited annual accounts for 2016
  6. Discussion of received suggestions
  7. Fixation of membership fee and approval of budget for 2017
  8. Election of the board 2017-18
  9. Election of substitutes
  10. Any other business


Between point 5 and 6 students tell about their projects and experiences from recent travels to India and the Board will give an update on future activities in UBU.

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