New Board elected at General Assembly

UBU’s annual General Assembly was held the 28th of May at Henrik’s place. We went through the board’s report and the board gave an update on activities in the organisation. The audited annual accounts and the budget were approved. Furthermore our new auditor was approved by the members as well.

We went through UBU’s mission and vision, which has been updated and revised this year at a workshop day. The changes in both the mission and vision were approved at the General Assembly.

DTU students made presentations about their current projects in relation to UBU’s resilience project in India – The student Monja even gave an update from JGVK in India via Skype.

The new board elected:
Henrik Bregnhøj, Tore A. Olsen, Kristine Sorgenfri, Ellen Stærk Nicolajsen, Kristine D. Vilsgaard, Maria Ondracek and Natalie Rykiel

The new substitutes elected:
Lise Celine Høgstedt and Alexander Holm Koch

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