UBU General Assembly 2016

This year’s general assembly will be held on Saturday the 28th of May from 15.00 to 18.00, at Dagmarsgade 39, 4 th., 2200 København N.

The agenda:

  1. Election of moderator
  2. Election of reporter
  3. Approval of new members
  4. The Board’s report and approval of same
  5. Approval of audited annual accounts for 2015
  6. Discussion of received suggestions*
  7. Fixation of membership fee and approval of budget for 2016
  8. Election of the board 2016-17
  9. Election of substitutes
  10. Any other business

Between point 5 and 6 students will tell about their projects and experiences from recent travels to India and Tanzania.

*Suggestion 1, from Kristine Sorgenfri Hansen: How can the groups use the funds available for project development. Are we allowed to use funds to develop a project proposal eg. by sending a student to TZ to conduct preliminary investigations that can help forward the proposal formulation? Funds would be used on accommodation, transport between interview sites and translation fees.

*Suggestion 2 from Henrik Bregnhøj:  The GA is requested to discuss the new vision and mission statements and verify or adjust it as future UBU policy.
The vision is: “A world where no one dies from water related catastrophes or diseases”. The mission is: “UBU will create resilience and capacity for people in developing countries by:
● Capacity building partners and target groups through advocacy and awareness
● Establishing sustainable service within water and sanitation
● Capacity build members to work with development projects”

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