Architects visiting JGVK

skc3a6rmbillede-2016-02-13-kl-14-46-12UBU member Trine Storck-Thy and Nicolai Larasse, fellow architects, went to JGVK in the end of December 2015 to conduct a workshop about creativity and intuition.
The vision of the workshop was to heighten the participants ability to make self-analysis and learn about an intuitive design process.

It was very obvious that the participants from both the techinacal staff and self-help groups had gone through training with UBU before, since they catered most of their answers to the known format of cyclones, floods, and so on. However focus of the workshop was the individuals and how they could use each other in the confusing and creative tasks they where given.

After a relatively short experience at JGVK, this is Trine’s and Nicolai’s take of the situation:
“We view this workshop as a beginning for the community to take charge of their own development work. They have been provided a lot of knowledge, and now it seems as they (we) should focus on encouraging reflection, so that the community may strengthen their own knowledge production.”