Joint Finalization of Tanzania Project

UBU and CBHCC have been working on developing and funding a WASH project in Arusha for the last 2 years. This year we moved closer to formulating a solid foundation for the project and therefore we applied for approximately 75.000kr. from CISU to conduct a Joint Finalization of the WASH-project. The application was successful and therefore 3 UBU members, Tore, Thea and Kristine, traveled to Arusha in August 2015 to carry out the Joint Finalization with CBHCC.

We began by conducting meetings with local organizations, political leaders and important stakeholders in the villages such as school headmasters, locally elected informal leaders (Mwenyekitis) and primary health clinics.IMG_3745

A preliminary baseline survey of latrine and handwashing facilities coverage and WASH knowledge was conducted in the 8 chosen intervention villages. The survey was administrated by the Health Teachers at the primary schools and the data was collected by the school children. This baseline was used to estimate and document the need for a WASH intervention in the area. It was also used to identify which areas needed most attention in the project such as an increased focus on handwashing compared to the original focus on sanitation. Furthermore, the baseline shed light on the huge need for an intervention that includes activities to alleviate the very poor menstrual hygiene management for girls and women in the area.

After the baseline was completed, UBU and CBHCC worked intensively on formulating all aspects of the project including deciding on objectives, outcomes and indicators, and outlining which activities were necessary to conduct to accomplish these. In the end we had a really great product and a solid basis for continuing the project application writing.

After returning to Denmark, the UBU-Tanzania group continued writing the project proposal and we submitted the funding application to CISU in December 2015. We are currently waiting for CISU’s verdict – it is scheduled to be announced ultimo March 2016.