Start-up of the Resilience project in India

Alexander and Henrik visit our Indian partner JGVK these days to start up activities of the new resilience project. They have held meetings about the content and design of the project with the project partner and other small CBO’s, who have been involved in other former projects organised by JGVK and UBU. By informing the leaders of the CBO’s JGVK will be able to supervise the project internally in different states according to their expertise. Furthermore, it increases the knowledge of the project in the organisation.

They have held interviews with applicants for the job as the main project leader of this resilience project. It is not yet decided who it should be, but Santanu have been hired as a technical project leader for at least three months. He has high experience by using GIS and modelling software and would supervise the locals in producing digital maps and collect relevant data for a database.

A main activity has been a three days’ workshop with all the workers in the project (around 50). The aim of the workshop was to introduce the project well and plan together how to start up the activities. The workers were working in different group constellations to discuss e.g. their role in the project, the problems in their GP and plan the project activities. During the workshops the field workers got a chance to present their findings on e.g. the problems in their GPs, which gave a good overview of the current situation. The two pictures shows how the workers have participated in the workshops.