UBU members at CISU courses

During the autumn 2013 several UBU members have attended different courses arranged by CISU. CISU is an independent association of Danish civil society organisations including UBU. CISU is providing capacity building for its member organisations and the Civil Society Fund is administered by CISU. The courses covered introduction to CISU and the Civil Society Fund, Introduction to Logical Framework Approach and Advocacy and rights. In November, UBU members will attend courses in fundraising as well. Remember to look into CISU’s course catalog if you are interested in participating in some of the CISU courses. Here is a short description of a couple of the courses.

Introduction to Logical Framework Approach
Four UBU members (Ellen Stærk Nicolaisen, Lise Celine Pedersen, Monica Nielsen and Alexander Holm Koch) were attending a short CISU course in introduction to Logical Framework Approach (LFA) which was held by Søren Asboe Jørgensen and Johannes Nordentoft. The aim of the course was to get an overall experience with the concept of LFA. LFA is used as a framework for CISU’s funding system. Therefore, knowledge on LFA is important to strengthen UBU’s applications for the Civil Society Fund in future. CISU also offers weekend courses in LFA, which could be interesting for UBU members to attend.

Advocacy and rights
Six UBU members (Kristine Duelund Vilsgaard, Thorbjørn Nørremark, Henrik Bregnhøj, Monica Nielsen, Ellen Stærk Nicolaisen and Alexander Holm Koch) participated in a one-day course in advocacy and rights. The course was held by the CISU advisors Søren Asboe Jørgensen and Nina Lauritzen. The course was very fruitful as advocacy is highly relevant for our present applications for both our projects in India and Tanzania.

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