Hygiene and sanitation in rural schools on Basanti Island

Tina and Marlene are currently in India (July-September) to do a project on hygiene and sanitation in rural schools on Basanti Island. During their project Tina and Marlene has visited a number of schools, where JGVK has been implementing latrines during the Jeevandhara project, to observe the conditions children and teachers face every day in school. On this basis Tina and Marlene have identified different important issues and worked with JGVK staff to create and distribute questionnaires regarding hygiene awareness and sanitation in the schools.

The girls also worked with JGVK to try improving the currently used design of latrines to include rainwater for hand washing and arranged a workshop with local school teachers to create more awareness and thereby lower the incidents of faecal-oral-transmitted diseases amongst the kids.

Finally they helped JGVK summarising relevant data in an application for funds from the government so that JGVK hopefully will be able to continue working with sanitation awareness amongst teachers and the children in the area. Read more about Tina and Marlenes project here.