Student project on water supply in Tanzania

Two UBU members, Monica Højgaard Nielsen and Julie Skrydstrup, have been in Tanzania to do field work for their bachelor thesis during June and July. The bachelor project is contributing to UBU’s water supply project, MEVIWASU, in Arusha, Tanzania.

The project is about finding sustainable ways so solve the fact that the water supply for 30.000-40.000 people is threatened due to clogging of the water intake by eroded soil particles. The people in the area also face problems with high flouride concentrations in the water. Together with our local partner organisation, Meviwasu, Julie and Monica will try to find solutions on how to reduce fluoride concentrations in the water.

Throughout the project Monica and Julie is supervised by UBU and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The students have brought sediment samples, water samples and rock samples for analysis in Denmark. The bachelor thesis will be finished by the end of August.